30 November 2015

Rain on the cover of 'ELLE MEN Hong Kong'

Dispatch - Naver: "A real man's hot pink"...Rain on the cover of a magazine

1. [+2,564, -362] He's a self-made billionaire and his wife-to-be is a top beauty ㅋㅋ He has nothing else to lose ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,732, -417] He looks just like he did during his peak days after losing so much weight

3. [+1,384, -330] Take care of Tae Hee unni~~

4. [+1,180, -136] The cover is so Chinese

5. [+890, -159] Reminds me of EXID

6. [+686, -212] Never forget that there are fans who have your back. Do what makes you happy, I'm cheering for you

7. [+530, -194] Rain, you're cool. Anticipating your Korean promotions

8. [+433, -129] I don't understand why people are hating on him for dating Kim Tae Hee as if he's a loser... He has achieved so much and we can all learn from his determination

9. [+400, -159] Awesome to see his hardworking image! Jung Ji Hoon fighting!

10. [+416, -148] Promote in Korea too...

11. [+332, -120] As expected of Rain. He's sexy

12. [+338, -126] There are others who should be receiving disciplinary action but why are the antis only lay the blame on Rain?  Some of you are losing your sense of reason over jealousy

13. [+301, -90] Honestly speaking, aren't men at that age already considered ahjusshis? Rain's really amazing at managing himself