5 November 2015

'Reply 1988' to bring back the 'huband-hunting' plot

Sports Chosun - Naver: 'R88' to air its first episode today, 4 candidates in the husband hunt

1. [+5,719, -98] They always do this in every single installment. Why not help me find a husband instead?

2. [+3,863, -623] I'm nervous of this drama because of Hyeri. They're doing too much media play

3. [+2,559, -98] The first guy above is probably the husband. He's unfamiliar but Jung Woo prior to 'Reply' wasn't that of a big name either

4. [+1,611, -307] None of them stands out...

5. [+444, -24] Tired of the husband plot.  Can we please get Lee Ilhwa to divorce, we'd be glad to find him a new husband

6. [+346, -21] She ends up with Go Kyung Pyo while Park Bo Gum is the the one-sided love. Is this the writer's trademark?

7. [+333, -17] Either Go Kyung Pyo or Park Bo Gum

8. [+177, -8] What do we get in return if we guessed it right?

Xports News - Naver: 'Reply' Shin Wonho PD "Husband-finding plot will be present in this instalment'

1. [+4,869, -318] Do they really have to bring it back? ㅠㅠ

2. [+3,483, -74] Please find me a husband too

3. [3,386, -99] Heol.. It's fun but I admit that I'm tired of the whole husband mystery thing ㅠㅠ'Reply '94' dragged the hell out of it which was annoying. They said this installment will focus more on family than the husband plot...

4. [+2,997, -117] Oh my gosh, we have to hunt for the husband again

5. [+1,698, -57] There's a strong possibility that the husband is Samcheonpo's son. There's one who's a student leader and one is an 'umchinah' character. One of them is the husband