8 November 2015

Shin Se Kyung and Moon Geun Young's growth as actresses

Osen - Naver: Shin Se Kyung and Moon Geun Young, refreshing as cider female leads we've all been waiting for

1. [+1,360, -30] The two girls from 'My Little Bride' grew up beautifully. Who would've thought their drama characters could bring so much joy?~~~~~~~

2. [+982, -41] 'Six Flying Dragons' and 'Village' are so good recently... Shin Se Kyung is a refreshing female lead ㅋ  I like that her character is adventurous

3. [+669, -48] I've been keeping my eyes on Shin Se Kyung these days. She was great in 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' and she's a fearless character in SFD. It shows that she takes time in analyzing her roles. She's an actress who will keep on showing progress in her acting

4. [+539, -20] Both dramas are really good and the two girls are charming

5. [+105, -12] Shin Se Kyung and Moon Geun Young are both pretty

6. [+93, -7] Goo Hye Sun's character in 'Boys Over Flowers' is my least favorite. She was frustrating and annoying

7. [+77, -7] Unlike Lee Yeon Hee, Shin Se Kyung shows effort and challenges herself with different roles

8. [+45, -4] Honestly, Shin Se Kyung's acting has improved tremendously. She's taking me by surprise in SFD. I hope she gets an award this year

9. [+35, -4] What the? They're from the same agency

10. [+40, -9] Shin Se Kyung's dramas have been disappointing after 'High Kick' but she's a rediscovery in SFD. She looks pretty despite her soil-smeared face.. As for Moon Geun Young, you can trust her works