2 November 2015

[Spoilers] Awl

Osen- Naver: 'Awl', A full-scale war between Ji Hyun Woo and the company, 'Protest begins'

1. [+3,353, -53] This is the type of drama that I want my kids to watch. Better than makjangs

2. [+2,945, -51] This is a good drama... but I can't drop my birth secret and affair dramas too easily ㅠㅠ

3. [+779, -19] Yesung's quite good. He's like Fourmis Mart's young man. I'm a non-fan but I think he's doing a great job ㅋㅋ This drama has really good actors

4. [+731, -8] The whole nation needs to watch this drama

5. [+650, -10] It's just acting but I wanna smack the section chief with the glasses

6. [+626, -17] Yesung's really good at acting

7. [+586, -12] Yesung's acting was daebak in this episode. I thought he and Park Shi Hwan were only responsible for the cute scenes but their characters are more profound than that. I never knew he was this good

8. [+560, -3] Ah.... This drama tugs at my heartstrings

1. [+302, -9] I'm an avid fan of Misaeng but this one is better, terrifying and more realistic

2. [+281, -10] I'm hooked. It feels like I'm sharing the characters' anger and hardships. I'm guessing the higher-ups are intentionally not putting articles on Naver's homepage because the drama makes them uncomfortable . Everyone should watch this!!!

3. [+248, -5] This will be Ji Hyun Woo's most well-known work

4. [+76, -3] Although the mood is somber, everyone's acting is topnotch plus there are funny scenes in between. This is Yesung's first drama and I thought he was great

5. [+49, 0] The other article has nearly a thousand comments but it's not on Naver's homepage.

6. [+45, 0] When the drama's lineup was announced, I was worried for everyone except for Ahn Naesang. Ji Hyun Woo stepped out of the manhwa, Hyun Woo's likeable and the singers did well in their first drama roles ㅜㅠ

tv Report - Naver: 'Awl' Yesung revolts against section chief Heo 

1. [+99, -2] Yesung's good at acting

2. [+80, -3] Yesung's better at acting than Park Shi Hwan....

3. [+71, -1] Yesung has the acting chops. Bashers, come at me

4. [+50, 0] Ah crazy. How do I wait until next week?

5. [+31, 0] I mistook him for a rookie actor that looks like Yesung