14 November 2015

Suzy gets flustered over male fan choosing Girlfriend as most popular girl group in the army

tv daily - Naver: Soldier fan names "Girlfriend" as the most popular girl group in the army, puts Suzy in an embarrassing situation

1. [+1,094, -157] Eyy. Suzy's long past the rising star status ㅋㅋShe's too far up now

2. [+710, -145] Suzy got emotional thinking of her parents. She's pretty even when she cries

3. [+662,  -149] Suzy looked radiant and pretty

4. [+54, -34] Suzy is now an actress, not an idol ㅎㅎ

5. [+29, -25] Suzy is really pretty

6. [+49, -42] Who would like a woman who's already taken?

7. [+40, -41] Suzy seems like the perfect daughter

8. [+36 -69] Is there a troop of JYP employees here on Nate's comment section? I don't understand why Seolhyun gets hated while there's only praises for Suzy. She's dumb and she has proved her hopeless personality in shows she appeared on before.. I seriously don't understand

9. [+35, -46] What's the use of being pretty if you're head is emptyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ