3 November 2015

Taeyeon tears up during her concert

Star News - Naver: Taeyeon's tears...how the 'song of her life' came about

1. [+1,516, -95] I don't follow her on Instagram, I only drop by her account occasionally but I'm a fan of her songs. Taeyeon performed well, you can tell that she's a singer who works hard. Stop bashing her, immature haters

2. [+1,420, -88] Taeyeon went through a lot... She's been promoting with SNSD for nearly 10 years already and I think they could've given her more solos.  I'm glad this one was a success. You'll be a well-loved singer for many years to come!

3. [+1,113, -68] Her performance was really touching ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+1,057, -70] I like Taeyeon OSTs 'If' and 'Can Your Hear Me?' and her title track 'I'

5. [+207, -26] She must've had a hard time dealing with hate comments. It definitely changed her from cheerful to shy. Dating isn't a crime. I'm a non-fan but I feel sorry for her

6. [+173, -10] Forget the hard times and be happy~ Whatever anyone says, you're the best female vocalist to me~ Ignore the haters and listen to the fandom's cheer

7. [+156, -9] I get comforted and inspired when I listen to Taeyeon's songs. 'I' is such a good song!!

8. [+69, -7] She's the 2nd most followed idol on Instagram. A proof that she's loved even overseas!