3 November 2015

'The Hymn' releases BTS stills + poster

10Asia-Naver: 'The Hymn' Suzy films in the water for 10 hours despite the cold weather

1. [+2,532, -243] Looks like filming is a backbreaking work

2. [2,333, -394] A round of applause for that willpower...

3. [+1,894, -409] Suzy deserves a clap for this. You're effort is well-appreciated

4. [+1,499, -321] Looking forward to this! I hope it'll be a success

5. [+320, -59] I'm curious if celebrities ever get ill when they film in such condition. It can be physically draining especially if it's for 10 hours

6. [+668, -403] You can tell she poured hard work into this. 'The Hymn', hit daebak

7. [+570, -368] Hoping all the hard work will pay off~~!!

8. [+102, -59] Even 1 hour working outside in cold weather is tough. Suzy works hard than anyone who drags her down

9. [+101, -68] That's really cool of Suzy. She's must've been quite nervous in that interview but if you look at her other interviews, she spoke really well. I hope the movie hits daebak and for all your hard work to pay off. Not sure if people are being harsh only to Suzy. I felt bad for her yesterday. I hope she'll distinguish the constructive criticisms from vicious attacks.

10. [+89, -50] How can people dedicate so much time to  relentlessly attacking a person online? Stop grilling celebrities with hate and take interest in what's happening in politics and society instead. Netizens can be really pathetic sometimes

tv Report - Naver: Suzy is blooming...'The Hymn' reveals main poster

1. [+5,021, -1,179] Heol daebak.. Her beauty is shining. I'll make sure to watch it, even twice. 'They Hymn' and Suzy, the best

2. [+4,611, -977] She looks like a true Joseon beauty here.. Maybe because she's natural

3. [+2,610, -726] Wow... daebak... Makes me even more curious of this movie

4. [+857, -239] Do they sell posters at the cinemas because I wanna have that. Suzy's just wow. 'The Hymn', do well!

5. [+749, -242] Suzy is pretty. Ryu Seung Ryong is daebak cool