30 November 2015

Visual representatives of girl groups in each generation

1st Gen / Sung Yuri

2nd Gen / Yoona
3rd Gen / Suzy
Herald - Naver: "I will watch every show you're in", Who make up the genealogy of beautiful female idols? 

1. [+3,410, -433] Sung Yuri's pretty but I'd pick Eugene for 1st generation...

2. [+2,660, -302] This article is invalid without Eugene

3. [+1,866, -160] Eugene, Sung Yuri, Suzy, Yoona

4. [+1,487, -395] Suzy exudes freshness!

5. [+923, -123] All three are pretty

6. [+321, -47] Shouldn't Eugene be the representative of 1st generation? Her overall proportions aren't that great but her face is extremely gorgeous

7. [+320, -51] Invalid article without Eugene. Her visuals were shockingly pretty back then

8. [+268, -38] How dare you leave out Eugene..

9. [+165, -23] I acknowledge Sung Yuri, Yoona and Suzy!! Not only are they pretty but they have a sense of pureness that men find attractive. They're all tall and have amazing proportions!

10. [+124, -55] Suzy's agency media plays her every single day ㅋㅋ If the responses are not good on promotional articles for her movie, they release articles about her selcas and events she attented. And if those don't garner good responses, they include other female celebrities. Sick of the media plays

11. [+79, -13] Eugene would take the top spot if there was a poll on this ㅋㅋ The journalist must be a Fin. K.L fan ㅋㅋ

12. [+70, -17] No candidate after Yoona and Suzy?