12 November 2015

Who should be the Korean James Bond?

Osen - Daum: 007's Korean version? James Bond should be ___

1. [+163, -19] Take out Rain

2. [+154, -13] Jung Woo Sung would be perfect~~

3. [+139, -10] Kang Dong Won is too skinny. Lee Byung Hun's too scandalous. Yoo Ah In looks weak. I won't watch if it's Rain because he can't even act. That leaves Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae. I think Jung Woo Sung is the best choice

4. [+32, -4] Jung Woo Sung

1. [+252, -22] Cha Seung Won

2. [+196, -41] Why is Rain here? ㅋㅋㅋㅋHow dare you include him? Since when was he in the same league as Jung Woo Sun, Lee Jung Jae and Yoo Ah In?

3. [+150, -20] Isn't James Bond a womanizer? Of course, it should be Lee Byung Hun

4. [+23, -7] I recommend Jung Woo Sung. His height, charisma and age make him the perfect candidate. His force in 'Cold Eyes' is unforgettable

5. [+17, -5] Lee Jung Jae.. Cha In Pyo would suit it if he was younger

6. [+14, -5] Ha Jung Woo

1. [+2,172, -165] As a middle-aged man, Cha Seung Won would be perfect for it

2. [+1,017, -90] Jung Woo Sung is jjang!!! Totally suits him

3. [+984, -375] Lee Santa hyung suits this

4. [+242, -26] Take out Jung Ji Hoon

5. [+217, -25] It won't work out for Jung Woo Sung because his looks stand out too much as a secret agent ㅋㅋHe'd attract attention while walking the streets