1 November 2015

Yoon Sohee impresses with her problem solving skills

news 1 - Naver: 'Brain Generation' Jun Hyun Moo"Yoon Sohee's gaze changes when she solves a problem"

1. [+3,714, -97] I'm jealous.. She's pretty and smart

2. [+2,944, -109] She's pretty with a sexy brain to boot. Meanwhile, I don't have both ㅠ

3. [+2,165, -102] As expected from a KAIST student

4. [+2,084, -90] Not everyone can get into KAIST

5. [+462, -23] Smart people like her are destined for good things. She's wasting her skills in the entertainment industry. Why not consider a career in the science and technology field?

6. [+355, -19] Personally, I think a pretty and smart woman like her could do better than taking drama roles

7. [+186, -17] If she was my daughter, I would encourage her to pursue a career as a professor instead of a celebrity

8. [+118, -18] Did Rap Monster leave the show? Why did I not read any news of it?

9. [+85, -3] Let Yoon Sohee and Kim Jung Hoon have a Math battle. KAIST vs. Seoul Uni

10. [+87, -7] She's wasting her good looks and intelligence as an actress. If I were here, I wouldn't be a celebrity but rather study more to become a research professor