2 December 2015

Actress Shin Eun Kyung criticized for visiting her son only twice in 8 years

Shin Eun Kyung's former mother-in-law reveals in an interview that the actress went to see her son only twice in the past 8 years. The son, named Myung Joon, is battling a condition called hydrocephalus. He is 12 but has the mind of a 6 year old. Shin Eun Kyung and her husband divorced when the son was 4 years old and she holds the custody but the son is currently under the care of her ex-husband's mother who is 87 years old. On her 'Healing Camp' guesting in 2012, she spoke about her son's condition and the hardships she went through while making people believe that she was the one who raised him.

sbs funE - Nate: "Eun Kyung came to visit 2 times in these past 8 years, I tear up whenever I think of my grandson"

1. [+2,247, -27] If she doesn't have the intention of raising or visiting her son, why did did she file a custody in the first place?

2. [+1,943, -20] Heol....

3. [+366, -3] Wow, what the hell is wrong with her? Only 2 times in 8 years. A neighborhood ahjumma sees the son more than the actual mother. Why did she put up a crying act on 'Healing Camp'?

4. [+358, -4] Shin Eun Kyung is one problematic woman. She used her child for image making, doesn't support them financially yet has the audacity of calling herself  a 'mother'. I feel bad for the son who says he's happy when he sees mom on tv....

5. [+351, -2] The grandma is a saint for putting up with this considering she's already at an old age. Although, she adores her grandson, it must be challenging to take care of an ill child ㅠㅠGrandma and Myung Joon, find strength.. To the woman who calls herself a 'mother', please pull yourself together. Stop being greedy and send some money to your son ㅠㅠ

6. [+315, -4] She doesn't deserve to be called a mother

7. [+259, -3] So, she's not acting in the 'Village', she's just being herself

8. [+255, -2] Seems like she doesn't love let alone have any interest in her son. Generally, a mother misses and worries for her kids when she doesn't see them for 2 days

9. [+192, -3] Her mentality is strong. I don't know her standpoint but she should go see her son. If she doesn't want to, send them some money instead

10. [+131, -2] Her life is makjang

1. [+10,377, -300] Made me realize once again that the image celebrities show on tv isn't the whole picture

2. [+9,195, -249] 2 times in the last 8 years is harsh. What about the stuff she said on 'Healing Camp'? Or should I say 'Liar Camp'.

3. [+7,851, -282] I'm disappointed in her if it's the truth