18 December 2015

Best 'We Got Married' couples

Osen - Naver: "This couple is the best"... 5 best couples of 'WGM' 

1. [+5,446, -141] Aren't Seo In Young and Crown J responsible for WGM's growth??

2. [+4,507, -272] Jo Kwon and Ga In are the best

3. [+2,166, -176] Jo Kwon and Ga In were jjang

4. [+1,801, -148] I miss the Adam couple ㅜㅜㅜ

5. [+638, -25] The one who benefited the most is Hwang Jung Eum ㅋㅋShe was a nobody, had no money and didn't she say she only had 10 won in her bank account? Through WGM, she scored a role in 'High Kick' and rose to fame after that

6. [+371, -22] Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo, the lettuce couple was really fun too.. I never would've thought Kim Hyun Joong's life would turn so makjang

7. [+271, -7] Shin Ae proved that WGM is just business when she got married right after she left the show

8. [+248, -21] WGM used to be really fun in 2008. I would watch Andy-Solbi and the Lettuce couple every week