19 December 2015

Drama endings that gave viewers a mental breakdown

15. 49 Days
Heroine spent the whole drama escaping death but died in the end

 14. Lovers in Paris
Got in so much controversy for it's open ending. Was it a dream or reality?

 13.  Sign
Male lead died after overcoming so much hardships

 12. Who Are You - School 2015
The quintessential 'Eojang kwalli' ending (tn: friendzone)

 11.  Cinderella's Sister
Only the first 4 episodes are worth-watching

 12. God's Gift - 14 days
The male lead committed suicide

 9.  Will It Snow For Christmas?
No one really knows if the leads ended up or not

 8. Girl Who Sees Smells
Nothing ever really got resolved but it ended happily

 7. Doctor Stranger
Drama that made viewers felt a sense of alienation. The ending is unsatisfying that it's better to to not watch it

 8.  Damo
The 3 leads died in the end

 5. What Happens in Bali
So Ji Sub died, Ha Ji Won died, Jo In Sung committed suicide

 4. Fashion King
Yoo Ah In's unexpected death led viewers to speculate if he was murdered or he committed suicide

 3. Big
So, is that Seo Yoon Jae in the last part or is it Kang Kyung Joon?

 2. Stairway to Heaven
Viewers were expecting a happy ending after Choi Ji Woo's finally able to see again but she suddenly died of cancer

1. High Kick Through the Roof
-The legendary gray screen + Cafe Bene ad

Instiz: Drama endings that gave you a mental breakdown

-I thought 'Temptation of a Wife' made it to the list

-'Lovers in Paris' is a parallel world type of ending

-I remember switching the channel to 'Rooftop Prince' when Yoo Ah In died in 'Fashion King'

-Who Are You's ending.... grrrr

-Where's 'Iris'?

-I had my hopes up for 'Big' because it was Gong Yoo's first drama in a while and I thought it would be as legendary as 'Coffee Prince' but it's a big waste of time

-Where's 'Wang's Family'?...The 30-year time skip gave me a mental breakdown

-Shin Se Kyung's in 3 dramas....What if 'Six Flying Dragons' ends terribly too?