22 December 2015

Elegant middle-aged actresses

1. Kim Sung Ryung
'67er, 49 years old 

2. Kim Hee Ae
'67er, 49 years old 

3. Lee Il Hwa
'71er, 45 years old 

4. Park Joo Mi 
'72er, 44 years old 

Daum cafe: What? A woman is at her prettiest in her 20s?

-Park Joo Mi doesn't look like in her 40s...I'd believe it if you said she was in her early 30s

-They were more beautiful in their 20s 

-Where's God Young Ae-nim?? 

-Jeon In Hwa is freaking pretty... She doesn't lose to her younger female co-stars 

-Deok Sun's mom is daebak... 

-Not on the list.. But Han Go Eun is sexy

-They've always been pretty but now that they're in their 40s, they exude elegance