24 December 2015

Go Ara reveals she cried during her audition for 'Reply 1994'

Xports News - Naver: 'Newsroom', Go Ara "I cried during my audition for 'R94'" 

1. [+5,997, -105] I didn't know she auditioned for the role

2. [+4,713, -219] Go Ara was so pretty in R94... Her acting controversies instantly disappeared

3. [+3,689, -88] Her image completely changed because of R94

4. [+2,492, -96] Go Ara's pretty. Wishing her the best

5. [+1,751, -101] Go Ara is jjang. Do well

6. [+561, -18] SM made her do 'Heading to the Ground' which failed so she took matters in her own hands. She auditioned for a cable drama which catapulted her to fame. After that, she landed the leading role in a public channel drama. She really did come a long way

7. [+264, -6] Honestly, none of Go Ara's dramas after 'Banolim' were popular. It was only after R94 that she started getting so many CF deals

8. [+250, -18] Even in 'Banolim', she was pretty and her acting was actually good.. As a child actress, I thought she would it hit big but her biggest mistake is entering SM. She recovered from her flopped image but, she must move to an agency that have good actors and immerse herself in a more acting-oriented environment for her skills to improve

9. [+205, -6] Come to think of it, so many actors/actresses reached a turning point in their careers after starring in 'Reply' dramas