29 December 2015

Ji Sung vs Jeon In Hwa vs Hwang Jung Eum, who will win tonight's MBC drama daesang?

Joy News 24 - Naver: Ji Sung vs. Jeon In Hwa vs. Hwang Jung Eum, who'll take home the 'MBC Drama Awards Daesang?

1. [+2,587, -98] Ji Sung portrayed those multiple personalities amazingly. bb

2. [+1,812, -32] I'm just hoping it won't be given as a joint award

3. [+2,068, -140] High ratings don't always guarantee you a Daesang. I think Ji Sung deserves to win it

4. [+1641, -96] Ji Sung's the best. His acting was awesome

5. [+676, -49] Not sure about KBS but MBC's known for not awarding the Daesang to an actor/actress if their drama viewer ratings are low

6. [+316, -42] Ji Sung, of courseㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+254, -29] But 'Kill Me Heal Me' is the best drama of the first half of the year, isn't it? I clearly remember how Ji Sung acted those 7 personalities

8. [+244, -33] The others did well but God Ji Sung's acting is the most memorable of all

9. [+244, -39] Jeon In Hwa unni is awesome too but Ji Sung's acting made me shiver

10. [+124, -9] Please don't give it as a joint award just like how they made Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Heon share the Daesang.  Give it only to Ji Sung