15 December 2015

Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls battle it out on 'Sugar Man'

Mydaily - Naver: 'Sugarman', Jo Kwon sings 'Heaven' and defeats Brown Eyed Girls who performed 'Storm'

1. [+1,811, -68] Jo Kwon's really good at singing. I acknowledge his talent

2. [+1,289, -41] The result would be obvious. Jo Kwon has always been good at singing and Storm's originally an intense song

3. [+954, -42] Jo Kwon's voice fits the song

4. [+797, -32] Wow. Heaven is a masterpiece

5. [+266, -13] I love watching Yoo Jae Suk's variety shows and I tune in to 'Infinity Challenge', 'Sugar Man' and 'Happy Together' and I noticed is that he's enjoying himself the most in 'Sugar Man'... I'm sure he's really likes being on the show

6. [+235, -17] Jo Kwon's such a good singer but he hardly promotes. I wish he has more activities

7. [+122, -10] Jo Kwon, please release a single soon.. You were jjang today!!!

8. [+150, -22] BEG are good singers

9. [+116, -11] I really like his voice ~

10. [+121, -13] Gotta acknowledge Jo Kwon's voice