18 December 2015

Jung Woo Sung, Kang Dong Won and Jo In Sung in next year's movies

tv Report - Naver: Woo Sung, Dong Won and In Sung.... To bewitch movie-goers next year with their visuals 

'Don't Forget Me' starring Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul hits theaters early next year. Jo In Sung will make his big screen comeback after 7 years in 'The King'.  Kang Dong Won has 3 movies lined up for 2016: 'Veiled Time', 'A Violent Prosecutor' and, 'Master'

1. [+2,777, -27] Kang Dong Won never rests. He keeps working... ♡

2. [+1,833, -36] Kang Dong Won's awesome in everything ♥

3. [+1,572, -33] Damn... Kang Dong Won's rolling in the money ♥Tuna-nim ♥ ♥

4. [+1,155, -15] Kang Dong Won, Jung Woo Sung and Jo In Sung are hard working actors. Do well~~

5. [+1,199, -71] Won Bin, do you see this???

6. [+179, -19] I'm most excited for Kang Dong Won oppa!!!

7. [+50, -2] For a moment, I thought the 3 of them are starring in one movie

8. [+61, -7] Kang Dong Won's a true actor. Shooting a CF for a day would earn him the same amount as shooting a movie for a few months . It surprises me that he didn't have any CFs all this time and only been focusing with movies. Makes me compare him to Cha Seung Won. I'm not badmouthing him at all but he shot 10 CFs through Three Meals a Day's power