30 December 2015

KBS Rookie Awards and SBS Daesang nominees

Yook Sung Jae (Who Are You - School 2015)
Park Bo Gum (I Remember You)
Lee Won Geun (Sassy Go Go)
Nam Joo Hyuk (Who Are You - School 2015)
Do Kyung Soo (I Remember You)

tv Report - Naver: 'KBS Drama Awards',  Rookie Award nominations receiving more popularity than the Daesang 

1. [+1,542, -107] Park Bo Gum and Yook Sung Jae were impressive

2. [+924, -37] Why bother pitting them? Two will win the Rookie Award and they'll give the other two New Star Awards..

3. [+658, -18] The joint award is being overused

4. [+869, -125] Park Bo Gum's the most impressive of the bunch

5. [+337, -26] This is hard ㅠㅠThey might give it as a joint award~

6. [+168, -9] It would be hard for Do Kyung Soo to win it because he was only a cameo plus he already got an award last year for 'It's Okay, It's Love'. The prime candidates are Park Bo Gum and Yook Sung Jae. I first saw Park Bo Gum's acting in 'I Remember You' and thought he did well with alternating from good to psycho character. Although he's only in his early 20s,  another successful project will propel him to the top tier

7. [+102, -7] Park Bo Gum and Yook Sung Jae might share the award. Bo Gum was awesome in IRY while Sung Jae hardcarried 'Who Are You' ㅋㅋㅋTheir dramas' viewer ratings will most likely be used as the basis to determine the winner

8. [+137, -20] If you've watched IRY, you'd agree that Park Bo Gum should be winning the Top Excellence Award rather than the Rookie Award. He, Choi Won Young and Seo In Guk hardcarried the drama. I was surprised at how well he acted. I never imagined he would pull off his lawyer and psychopath roles so perfectly

Joo Won (Yong Pal)
Kim Rae Won (Punch)
Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)
Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)

Mydaily - Naver: Kim Rae Won, Joo Won, Yoo Ah In and Kim Hyun Joo,  SBS reveals candidates for the 'Acting Daesang'

1. [+14,261, -801] Either Kim Rae Won or Kim Hyun Joo

2. [+7,479, -167] 'Outstanding' is the fitting word to describe this set of nominees .. They're all amazing

3. [+9,249, -1,257] God Hyun Joo God Hyun Joo God Hyun Joo

4. [+8,040, -1,242] Kim Rae Won, get that Daesang

5. [+6,827, -947] My vote goes to Punch's Kim Rae Won

6. [+2,164, -141] If we're talking about acting, either Kim Rae Won or Kim Hyun Joo deserves it

7. [+2,102, -130] Kim Rae Won or Kim Hyun Joo

8. [+2,057, -128] 2015 was Yoo Ah In's year but he's a bit weak in 'Six Flying Dragons'. Kim Rae Won or Kim Hyun Joo will receive it

9. [+2,405, -343] Kim Hyun Joo unni, take home the Daesang

10. [+2,083, -258] Kim Hyun Joo's acting is daebak ㅠㅠ♥