3 December 2015

Lee Min Ho's single 'The Day' ranks 2nd on the Oricon Chart

Sports World - Naver: Lee Min Ho easily ranks second on Oricon Chart... This is the 'Lee Min Ho effect' 

1. [+1,152, -93] But only fans knew that he released an album... That's amazing

2. [+1,099, -103] It's an album that he released for fans without any promotions done for it. Congrats

3. [+902, -95] Japanese fans are amazing. He never even promoted it

4. [+724, -108] Lee Min Ho's handsome. That's all

5. [+605, -87] I like the song because it suits the current weather 

6. [+200, -34] Lee Min Ho's not one for commotion, he does his stuff humbly. His photoshoots always look so good

7. [+176, -28] Congrats. That's pretty impressive because it's a fan service album that wasn't even promoted

8. [+159, -27] I really like Lee Min Ho~!

9. [+152, -28] I had no idea he released an album! I must take a listen~ He's handsome in the jacket photo

10. [+145, -25] Only fans knew about it though. He must be really popular