20 December 2015

MBLAQ's G.O on 'King of Mask Singer'

tv Report - Naver: 'King of Mask Singer', Bongeoppang is MBLAQ's G.O, twist that shocked everyone

1. [+825, -9] Unfortunate that he got eliminated, he's a really good singer... Find strength

2. [+513, -4] It was G.O? Wow daebak.. He's jjang good at singing. G.O, do well. Hwaiting!! Doctor Stranger's OST "Like Tomorrow Won't Come" is a good song

3. [462, -8] I knew he has always been good at singing... But I was so amazed..

4. [+403, -7] So awesomeㅠㅠ I got all teary eyed during the interview portion. With confidence, support of fans and family, I hope you'll continue to make music^^

5. [+330, -10] Oppa, don't hesitate to gain as much confidence as you want. Please let us hear you sing a lot! Thank you always

6. [+101, -2] I'm seeing him in a different light. He's such a good singer. Find strength and keep singing

7. [+87, -2] He already proved that he's a good singer on 'Immortal Song'

8. [+83, -5] He has a nice voice and he sings clearly but 'King of Mask Singer' tends to care more about singing methods ㅠㅠG.O lost so much weight. Find strength

9. [+78, -2] So surprised at how good he is at singing

10. [+68, -2] I wish everything goes well for G.O.. I'll be cheering you on!!

11. [+58, -3] As expected of GO. He's such a good singer

12. [+54, -2] That's how he looked like too when MBLAQ debuted in 2009ㅋㅋ He's awesome at singing