1 December 2015

National Assembly passes 'JYJ Bill'

Money Today - Naver: 'JYJ Bill' is passed which prevents broadcasters and big agencies' ruthful appearance ban

1. [+105, -1] Thanks to JYJ, slave contract is gone and their hoobaes benefit tons from that. They deserve an Achievement Award

2. [+96, 0] The JYJ Bill is finally fruitful! I hope the act of banning without fair reasoning will disappear completely

3. [+80, 0] Such good news! Hope to see JYJ on broadcast from now on.

4. [+78, 0] It's appalling that a bill has to be passed to prevent banning. Nonetheless, I'm happy that they get compensated in this form

5. [+21, 0] This is so touching. JYJ, find strength!

1. [+102, -3] Broadcasters should be fair and just but PDs who work for them don't exercise fairness. Regardless of what happens behind close doors, singers should have their rights to be on broadcast but music shows are basically catering to huge agencies and preventing them to appear on shows

2. [+94, -6] As much as I want them to appear on idol music shows, if there is ever a possibility that they bump with the other 2 which would just complicate things, it would be better to skip music shows altogether. If they don't get to perform on 'Yoo Hye Yeol's Sketchbook' or some other music show, seeing their faces on the screen would be more than enough for me. It's unfortunate that music programs are busy catering to big agencies

3. [+65, 0] Makes me angry that talented singers like them weren't allowed to appear on shows all this time due to external pressures. I wanna see JYJ on tv

4. [+48, 0] I will wait for JYJ to freely perform and appear on broadcast. They are getting closer and closer to that reality.