11 December 2015

Opinions on Happy Together's current format

Hankyere - Naver: 9 years of 'Happy Together season 3', the misfortunes of number 9

1. [+1,478, -65] I liked the sauna concept

2. [+1,131, -36] There are too many unnecessary hosts that it's no different from Yoo Jae Suk hosting the show by himself. Take out Kim Poong and Jo Seho

3. [+1,008, -42] The production crew and the writers are the problem. It's so boring even with Yoo Jae Suk in the show. It feels like a 90's program ㅜㅜ

4. [+655, -16] Too many hosts and it doesn't help that their characters overlap each other. The show needs a revamp

5. [+107, -5] Let Yoo Jae Suk move on to a better program if this is how you intend to use him

6. [+87, -2] Kim Poong and Jun Hyun Moo are always butting in and yet they don't stand out as much

7. [+78, -1] Should've kept the sauna concept. The PD is destroying the show with the new format

8. [+62, -1] Such a shame that they ditched the sauna concept, I thought it was refreshing! Let Yoo Jae Suk go to a better program

9. [+72, -7] It's time to take Park Myung Soo out~ I can't stand him on IC too

10. [+50, -2] Happy Together was really enjoyable when they had the Metal Tray Karaoke Room

11. [+52, -3] Why exactly are Park Myung Soo, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Poong and Jo Seho on the show? What's the reason for keeping them?