7 December 2015

Rain denies plastic surgery rumors

Osen - Naver: Rain "Plastic surgery? It would be big trouble if I looked like this after getting work done"

1. [+5,776, -722] These days, a face like Rain's is the trend

2. [+5,177, -282] I don't think he's had any work done. Never mind whether he's handsome or ugly~ he's charming. Plastic surgery would only take away his charms

3. [+4,573, -426] Rain's getting handsomer by the day

4. [+4,229, -227] A plastic sugery-free face at first glance

5. [+2,862, -248] Kim Tae Hee-ssi is jjang pretty

6. [+517, -56] Kim Tae Hee's born rich and pretty. Rain came from a poor background but he worked hard to get to where he is now.. Those who say that Kim Tae Hee could do better are poor judges of character

7. [+489, -56] All of a sudden, he looks so handsome

8. [+475, -62] Rain's a decent guy, isn't he?

9. [+423, -43] Rain's really hardworking and cool ㅠㅠ There are so many people who say that Kim Tae Hee's too precious for him but I think he is awesome ㅠㅠ

10. [+418, -65] He's handsome but also humble

11. [+302, -28] He looks younger than ever

12. [+131, -9] Lately, guys without double eyelids but have charming faces are more popular than guys who have double eyelids and are considered handsome

13. [+120, -3] People are now finding monolids more and more attractive

14. [+119, -6] Why do they keep asking him if he went under the knife?  He looks the same compared to his Rainism days. It's just a the result of dieting and working outㅋㅋㅋ Plastic surgery would only ruin his unique face. He's getting pestered with PS accusations after his weight loss made him more handsome. Leave him alone antis. Tsk tsk