24 December 2015

Rain's photoshoot for 'Singles' Magazine photoshoot

tv Report - Naver: Rain "I'm the happiest when I'm with my people"

"If it's for my family, I would throw away everything I have right now, work part-time jobs and start all over again. I'm happiest when I'm with 'my people'. In the end, that is me"

1. [+2,869, -367] He said so when he debuted that family is the most precious to him, he also shows affection toward his dad. Back then, Kwon Sang Woo used to talk about his familyㅋ And now as a married man, he's known for being family-oriented. Rain's such a decent man

2. [+2,014, -227] So awesome. And he manages himself well

3. [+1,763, -218] He's so cool, to be honest

4. [+1,157, -180] As expected of Rain ♡ Although I miss the days when he used to appear on variety shows, I'm looking forward to a more mature Rain who's happier when he's performing on stage

5. [+1,037, -161] I'm cheering you on~ Hwaiting and stay with fans for a long time

6. [+228, -20] He's so caring towards his family and his back dancers.. That's awesome of him

7. [+222, -20] A man who deeply cares for his family.. At the end of the day, your family is what you have. I enjoyed the concert. Hwaiting

8. [+192, -15] Before, I used to cry whenever he talked about his mom.  He treats his father well and even when he's married, he'll remain just as caring. Always be humble and sincere.. Cheering you on

9. [+194, -24] Rain's just so awesome. He got so much handsomer after losing weight