22 December 2015

Ryu Hye Young shows off a different charm in new photoshoot

Ilgan Sports - Nate: 'Is this really Bora?', Ryu Hye Young without glasses is sexy

1. [+533, -55] She's not pretty but she's charming

2. [+370, -64] I'm so used to the way she usually is in the drama but when she's all dressed up like that, she looks like the career woman version of Bora. She's totally pretty

3. [+302, -48] She so pretty in this photoshoot but she's also pretty even with her glasses on in R88

4. [+73, -49] The first one is really pretty. She's bursting with charms. Definitely my favorite out of all Reply daughters ㅋㅋ

5. [+35, -13] She gives the impression that she's displeased. The corner of her upper lip is slightly raised. Ugly

6. [+35, -15] Honestly, she's ugly

7. [+31, -10] Bora's pretty ㅎㅎㅎ She's pretty and charming. She looks cute with glasses on

8. [+29, -5] She was cute in 'It's Him'

9. [+27, -8] Is there something wrong with my eyes? She's not pretty at all..

10. [+23, -3] Her eyes are aggressive-looking, her lips are pouty and she's got that displeased look going on. To be honest, she's the right person for the role of Sung Bora but would she suit any other roles?