6 December 2015

Should Gil and Noh Hong Chul return to 'Infinity Challenge'?

Osen - Naver: Noh Hong Chul and Gil's possibility of returning is 0%?

1. [+13,780, -915] It's up to the production people to decide

2. [+15,009, -3,028] Let's get them to return. Taeho-ya, stop beating around the bush and just let them return

3. [+9,796, -1,354] We don't know when but they'll return eventually ㅋㅋ

4. [+8,544, -4,633] If you take out Kwanghee, just the remaining 4-member cast looks good to me

5. [+2,012, -202] This is when you can feel Hyungdon hyung's absence ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+2,011, -388] The reason why Noh Hong Chul is getting criticized isn't because of his DUI itself but  because of his dirty lies

7. [+1,507, -105] If they return and get themselves into scandals, Yoo Jae Suk has to bow his head in apology once again..... What did Yoo Jae Suk do to deserve that?

8. [+751, -275] If they put out a survey to test the public's take on it, the production crew has the intention of getting them to return

9. [+699, -231] Kwanghee works hard but his laugh is annoying.. Even when his face isn't showing on the screen,  the sound of his laugh alone is disrupting


1. [+9,588, -2,908] They'd be a million times funnier than Kwanghee... I'm in favor of them returning

2. [+9,200, -2,604] I think they're allowed to come back

3. [+5,580, -590] Um.....So this is what yesterday's Mudo news was all about..

4. [+6,279, -1,711] Honestly, Kwanghee overreacts.. I miss Gil and Noh Hong Chul on the show. It's still too early for Noh Hong Chul to be returning. Kwanghee should enlist in the army and  Gil should take his place. Having the show proceed with only 4 members is abnormal

5. [+4,331, -1,099] I'm in favor of Gil's return. He issued an apology as soon as his DUI scandal broke out. He reflected quietly, didn't appear in shows and focused on making music. On the other hand, Noh Hong Chul shamelessly lied, continued to appear in shows and  never took the time to fully reflect on his actions. I don't want want him back on the show

6. [+864, -420] So Jang Dong Min is not allowed to be a member but it's alright for Noh Hong Chul to return? IC's logic scares me