23 December 2015

Song Ji Hyo in a fur coat?

Newsen - Daum: Song Ji Hyo spotted at an airport in Taiwan  "Popularity that exceeds a topstar's"

1. [+633, -56] Hoping that she's wearing fake fur

2. [+467, -47] What the? Is she wearing fake fur? I hope so

3. [+408, -41] Don't wear that ㅠㅠ

4. [+243, -16] Celebrities, don't you know that you'll get hated if you wear fur?... Stop wearing it

5. [+179, -13] Just where is the fashion sense that this journalist is talking about? I wonder which animal that fur belongs to

6. [+165, -14] Did the coordi plan this to stir up hate for Song Ji Hyo? But then again, the wearer made the final decision. How thoughtless~~

7. [+143, -13] Raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur

8. [+113, -11] What is she wearing? Every time I see fur, I see animals screaming in pain

9. [+73, -6] Now, whenever I see fur, it reminds me of poor animals being skinned alive. Everyone, please do not wear it

10. [+60, -4] KAPS is watching you (tn: Korea Animal Protection Society)

11. [+53, -2] I'm hoping it's fake fur