29 December 2015

[Spoilers] Oh My Venus, Six Flying Dragons,

Oh My Venus

Osen - Naver: 'Oh My Venus', So Ji Sub♥Shin Minah share a bed after a year 'A sexy night together?'

1. [+4,188, -41] Can the writer just make these 2 stay at home for the remaining 2 episodes

2. [+1,946, -58] Woah~ The way he was hugging Shin Minah in the end was too adorable

3. [+1,651, -33] So Ganji is indeed awesome

4. [+1,118, -40] So much heart fluttering ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠSoShin couple is jjang!!!

5. [+365, -12] What a relief that the writer didn't choose to fully dive down the makjang route. So Ji Sub's such a good actor. I bet he doesn't even have antis. He's really daebak

6. [+271, -5] The secretary is bursting with charms ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+311, -20] Sorry but Shin Minah and Kim Woo Bin shouldn't have crossed paths in their Giordano ad

1. [+101, -7] Young Ho hyungnim's just so awesome 

2. [+96, -7] A drama I'm watching only for So Ji Sub and Shin Minah. The script and directing are terrible. It got so draggy midway through the drama

3. [+88, -18] So Ji Sub and Shin Minah match so well. How I wish they're dating

4. [+31, -1] I'm watching it for So Ji Sub but why did they cast him and Shin Minah only to put up with the lackluster writing?

5. [+21, -4] Why does a good set of actors have to suffer because of such a bad drama? I dropped it after episode 4

6. [+12, -1] The writer is good for a rookie but the story's too mediocre for So Ji Sub's acting talent. It's immature and cringeworthy. Ji Sub-ah, collaborate with writer Kim Eun Sook before it gets too late!

1. [+298, -6] Writer-nim, put lots of lovey dovey scenes for the last 2 episodes ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+242, -7] Pretty~ Why are So Ganji and Shin Minah only starring in a drama now? Have a warm night ♡

3. [+203, -8] They'll spend a comfy, warm, sexy night~~~

4. [+47, -1] Never mind how immature and bad the writing is, So Ganji and Shin Minah's visuals and chemistry are on point. It's so boring for the most part but it mysteriously gets so fun during their sweet scenes together

5. [+24, -2]  The journalist is amazing at taking screenshots

6. [+21, -4] Why do they look so good together? ㅠㅠMakes me wish they're dating in real life.

Six Flying Dragons


Star News - Naver: 'SFD', Jung Mong Joo detects Joseon establishment plan... Does his tragedy start?

1. [+1,682, -39] It was so tense when Jung Mong Joo was plodding

2. [+1,137, -30] I got goosebumps the moment the door started screeching

3. [+917, -23] As expected... Another great episode

4. [+769, -31] What the? This is super fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋHow do I wait until next week?

5. [+247, -5] I knew it would be Jung Mong Joo.. I guess we're getting to the parts where he starts his antagonism towards Sam Bong... Sam Bong will persuade him, Po Eun will reject but Lee Bang Won will eventually kill him

6. [+211, -1] Ugh. Po Eun's a fool who only knows Goryeo

7. [+155, -5] Expose Hong Dae Hong's true colors soon

8. [+110, -1] Hong Dae Hong's contribution might be bigger that expected. For someone who trained Hong Ryun, Gil Taemi and Gil Sunmi, he must be scheming something big

9. [+131, -11] What exactly is Boon Yi and Bang Ji's mom's identity?

EP 25

Star News - Naver: 'SFD', Byun Yohan and Jung Yumi succeed with their revenge...Their past wounds are healed? 

1. [+3,284, -39] Today's episode is no joke and the last part was so sad ㅜㅜ

2. [+2,955, -53] Byun Yohan's such an amazing actor, isn' he??? My concentration level the whole time was up ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

3. [+2,750, -43] Ahh ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠToday's episode is seriously legendary. Didn't notice the time pass by.... Everyone was so cool today

4. [+2,680, -34] This episode was over in a blink of an eye. Whenever Lee Seong Gye's men were stabbed by sword or axe, it felt like I was being stabbed too. Ugh, so relieved that none of them died ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠBang Ji  and Yeonhee were amazing today. Their gazes alone made me tear up

5. [+1,784, -39] I could feel my heart pumping against my chest while watching this episode. Super freaking awesome

6. [+719, -11] The scariest line of the episode: Lee Bangji's got a sword

7. [+666, -10] As much as I wish a brutal death for the rapist, it's more reassuring that he died in Yeonhee and Ddangsae's hands

8. [+639, -9] Let's all praise Moohyul. He was so impressive today. Unfortunate that Yeonhee's rapist didn't die a brutal death

9. [+607, -6] I thought I was watching a movie during the fight scenes

10. [+618, -13] My favorite lines in this episode
Yeonhee: Do you remember? At the buckwheat field?
General Lee Jiran: Sungnime.. this is nothing
Lee Bangji: It's alright.. it's over
Moohyul: Musa Moohyul!

11. [+297, -2] It was Moohyul who saved Ga Byul Cho. They wouldn't have known about the plan if he didn't turn the table over.

1. Six Flying Dragons - 13.8%
2. MBC Entertainment Awards - 13.1% (1st part), 13.5% (2nd part)
3. Oh My Venus - 9.9%