15 December 2015

The top 3 PDs of the year (Kim Taeho, Na Young Suk, Shin Won Ho)

tv Report - Naver: Kim Taeho, Na Young Suk and Shin Won Ho PDs, three alchemists who know how to read our generation

1. [+1,442, -36] Kim Taeho and Na Young Suk are already legends of the variety scene and Shin Wonho's daebak because each 'Reply' instillment is successful

2. [+1,222, -34] Reply Three Infinite Meals

3. [+691, -24] These 3 PDs are all superb

4. [+517, -25] They're the top 3 PDs

5. [+437, -16] They're all amazing

6. [+142, -6] I was surprised to know that Lee Woo Jung is the main writer behind the shows that Na Young Suk and Shin Won Ho produced. Her works are always hits. The 1N2D PD is also good

7. [+115, -12] If Kim Taeho moves to tvN,  the channel will dominate the broadcasting industry ㅋㅋ

8. [+81, -4] What's funny is 2 are from cable ㅋㅋㅋPublic broadcast lost out

9. [+75, -6] They're like the SKY universities (tn: the 3 prestigious universities in Korea) of broadcast.  They're all clever

10. [+45, -4] The common characteristics that their programs share are originality, fun and warmth