26 December 2015

Turbo breaks 15-year hiatus, spotted heading to 'Happy Together' recording

Newsen - Daum: The trio of Turbo on their way to work after 15 years

1. [+1,705, -75]  Jong Kook's amazing. If not because of Kim Jong Kook, Jung Nam hyung wouldn't have been able to break out of his nightclub habits

2. [+1,545, -25] Looks great~ ^^ Yeah, that's how you live~ It's nice seeing them getting along well.!

3. [+1,164, -25] 'Again' is a good song!!

4. [+511, -8] Thanks to Kim Jong Kook, Jung Nam hyung's again at a sunny spot. I hope they stay this way for a long time

5. [+285, -10] They look great~~ ㅋㅋ Listening to Turbo songs is like being hit by a wave of nostalgia! They're all honestly cool. Hit dabak^^

6. [+257, -17] Looks like Jong Kook's muscles can block an incoming bullet

7. [+235, -4] Why add in T-ara too?

8. [+198, -10] Jong Kook-ssi's so loyal and he manages his body well. Seeing him in a new light

9. [+201, -53] Not watching because of T-ara

10. [+105, -5] I got the impression that Jong Kook's a bully but he's a loyal dude. Now that he's doing well in his career, he helps his colleagues. That's truly touching. I'm sorry if I've judged you wrongly all this time