10 December 2015

Which is more important? Nice vocal color or outstanding singing skills?

Park Hyo Shin and Naul are more well-known for their  distinctive vocal colors than their singing skills. Kim Yeon Woo and Kim Bum Soo are powerful singers but their vocal colors are average. Which one is more important?

Newbbang Cafe - Daum: Is a singer's vocal color more important? Or is having good singing ability more important?

-Vocal color, I guess. It has the power to induce emotions in the person who's listening

-Generally, good singers also have nice vocal colors

-Good singing ability is essential, nice vocal color is optional

-Vocal color is what makes a singer unique

-Vocal color, of course. No matter how powerful the singing is, people would quickly get bored of a singer if his/her vocal color isn't so distinctive

-A balance of both is good

-Park Hyo Shin and Naul have both good vocal colors and excellent singing skills

-Even if the singing is average, a nice vocal color is what makes me wanna keep listening

-Vocal color = artist, Good singing ability = just a signer

-Good singing ability is more important. What's the use of nice vocal color if the singing is off key?