15 December 2015

Yoon Jin Yi's unrecognizable face?

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Yoon Jin Yi, 'Unrecognizable after losing weight'

1. [+996, -11] Who are you kidding? She's unrecognizable not because of weight loss but she got too much work done on her face

2. [+620, -4] Her nose job was too obvious during her crying scenes when she played Meahri. I was so embarrassed watching it

3. [+427, -10] Those jeans look so bad

4. [+417, -3] It was obvious that she got work done even in 'Gentleman's Dignity' but now, she doesn't look appealing. She went overboard and her cuteness is gone

5. [+282, -3] Is she really Yoon Jin Yi? Definitely beats Hong Soo Ah with her transformation

6. [+238, -3] I guess the journalist has bad eyesight, anyone can tell that she got work done

7. [+152, -1] I wouldn't know who it is if I didn't read the name in the title

8. [+128, -1] Who??

9. [+48, 0] Seems like she has no idea what 'moderation' means