12 January 2016

[Casting news] Uee, Lee Seo Jin, Ryu Hwa Young

Dong A - Naver: Lee Seo Jin and Uee are confirmed for MBC's "Marriage Contract" (working title)... to follow 'Geum Sa Wol'

1. [+3,930, -69] What? They don't match. Feels like an uncle and his niece

2. [+2,967, -82] They really don't match!! Should've cast an actress that matches Lee Seo Jin. Why her?

3. [+2,446, -118] Casting error with the female lead ㅠ

4. [+1,401, -73] Uee........ Hm...

5. [+760, -41] Woah.. Just realized that Uee's also turning 30 next year ㅎㄷㄷ

6. [+447, -32] Please stop giving the lead roles to Uee, IU and Yoona. Their acting is always the same. There's a reason why this drama will fail

7. [+369, -13] Are there no other actresses to cast?

8. [+336, -12] But she's not lead role material....

9. [+327, -10] They don't match however way I look at it.. Such a big age gap

10. [+355, -27] She can't act. Lee Seo Jin's gonna have to hard carry

Newsen - Daum: Ryu Hwayoung confirmed for 'Come Back Ahjusshi', to work with Rain and Lee Min Jung

1. [+77, -8] Pretty~ Do well~

2. [+68, -8] The male and female leads of this drama are both unlikeable....

3. [+39, -12] She gives the Tang Wei feel

4. [+19, -7] Did she get ostracized because she's too pretty? At least now, we can see her in dramas. Filming dramas is difficult because of the poor working environment. Have patient. If not, you won't survive

5. [+13, -3] Why is this drama's lineup not giving me excitement?

6. [+9, -2] She's so naturally pretty but why does she keep choosing dramas that have no potential? And why do I feel like Hwa Young will outshine Lee Min Jung both in beauty and acting skills?