25 January 2016

EXID song that would achieve an all-kill on the charts

Instiz: Song that would've achieved all-kill on the charts if it's released now that they're popular

"is EXID's Every Night. This melody is familiar if you've listened to a lot of remixes. It goes well with everything. A big shame that not a lot of people back then knew how good this song isㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

-This song is amazing... Yeah it would be earning all-kill on the charts if they released it recently

-'Whoz that Girl?' is also such a good song

-I wish they come back with the same concept

-It's legendary

-I like 'I Feel Good'!!!

-Whoz That Girl and Every Night are my favorite EXID songs

-Come to think of it, EXID has a lot of good songs

-I'll never get sick of this song but the MV is not to my liking

-I thought this would be about BtoB's Second Confession .. But I agree, 'Every Night' is a good song!

-I love Every Night and EXO's History remix.. I've listened to it countless times