12 January 2016

Fans cheer on Joo Won and Moon Geun Young who are turning 30 this year

Osen - Naver: Joo Won and Moon Geun Young, cheers to blooming 30s

1. [+59, -1] Two actors I'm looking forward to. Hwaiting!

2. [+48, -1] Rumors say that both are such kind individuals... I'm always cheering you on~~ Have confidence when you act ♥

3. [+45, 0] Wishing Joo Won to have an awesome 30s^^ Kindhearted Joo Won hwaiting~

4. [+45, 0] Hwaiting to both!

5. [+39, 0] Joo Won hwaiting!! I love you. I'm proud to be a fan~ Show us your good acting and win another Daesang this year!! Hwaiting!!

6. [+31, 0] Both actors I really like. I'm happy to be a fan. Do well. Joo Won, please do a drama soon ^^

7. [+27, 0] May you two shine even more in your 30s!! See you in good dramas

8. [+26, 0] Looking forward to a more awesome Joo Won in his 30s. You're cute, cool and kind. Always supporting you

9. [+28, -1] Honestly, Joo Won's such a hardworking actor. 'Yong Pal' was so-so but his acting was daebak!! Hope to see you a lot more these days!!!

10. [+25, 0] May your 30s be amazing~ Don't be afraid to fail, continue to accept challenges and wishing you longevity in your careers~