29 January 2016

How rented rooms look like in cable and public broadcast dramas

Sports Kyung Hyang - Naver: 'Cheese in the Trap', there's a reason why public broadcast can't win over cable just by looking at Hong Seol's rented room 

1. [+16,072, -161] Young people avoid public channels because they don't find their shows realistic at all

2. [+12,728, -192] What's a grand piano doing in a rented room? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+9,474, -355] At first, it's the casting controversies that got me watching CITT but now, the cast is  doing such a great job with acting. Although I didn't read the webtoon, they're 100% in sync with the original charactersㅋㅋKim Go Eun's acting is realistic

4. [+5,605, -122] I'm just so jealous of Hong Seol

5. [+3,745, -263] I'm jealous of Hong Seol's room too

6. [+967, -9] Boys Over Flower's Geum Jandi is poor but she wears expensive clothes all the time ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+890, -9] Jang Geurae would be the son of the Executive Director if 'Misaeng' aired on public broadcast

8. [+778, -8] Sang Chul sunbae's room is actually what a rented room looks like in real life

9. [+761, -6] Actresses on public broadcast dramas sleep with full makeup on and wake up with perfect hair in the morning.  Every single light in their places is turned on and they're always decked out in brand name clothing and PPL. When will this stop?

10. [+733, -10] Try skipping public dramas, be it the morning or primetime dramas and you won't be missing out a lot. Honestly, you already have an idea of the ending once you get a hang of the characters' relationships and dialogues. I'm amazed that they manage to make money off an unchanging pattern of stories ㅋㅋ With that said, I'm addicted to 'Signal' lately

11 . [+379, -21] But did you guys know that the watch that Hong Seol gifted to Yoo Jung costs about $2,000?