18 January 2016

Hyeri to be a special MC on 'Inkigayo'

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] 'Reply', Hyeri to be a special MC on 'Inkigayo'

1. [+1,599, -82] Dongryong: Deoksun-ah, where are you? Take me with you too~ Do you hear me Deoksun-ah?

2. [+1,141, -133] Wow.. She's indeed the trend. Reply brought her good thingsㅋㅋ Hit daebak with your activities. Cheering you on^^

3. [+761, -90] She was great when she MCed for 'The Show'. Deoksun's the trend~~

4. [+584, -71] Pretty sure she'll say "It's great to see you, it's great to see you"

5. [+518, -101] CFs, music activities, MC gigs and dramas. She's definitely the it girl!!!

6. [+242, -39] Go to Music Bank and MC with Taek

7. [+185, -33] You should go to KBS so that you can MC with Park Bogum

8. [+124, -19] It would be awesome if she MCs with Bogum-ssi on Music Bank!

9. [+118, -23] It would be funny if she MCs with Park Bogumㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+61, -12] So lovely to see her working diligently