18 January 2016

Seolhyun on the beach set of her SK Telecom photoshoot

Sports Seoul - Naver: "Superior silhouette", Seolhyun stealing the hearts of men

1. [+3,001, -554] Stealing my heart this early in the morning. Look at her body line

2. [+2,641, -518] Wow look at that body.. That height, that face, that body. Her facial expressions are so pretty and her skin is looking healthy as well.. Even as a woman, I envy her

3. [+1,381, -189] That SK ad is really a heaven-sent opportunity

4. [+2,003, -474] At first, I thought we're so different although I'm the same age as her ㅠㅜ But later on I felt so sorry thinking about how she copes with hate comments all alone.  Seolhyun is a precious daughter to her parents, is a friend and an idol to her fans so don't be so hard on her ㅠㅜ Please refrain from throwing hate not only to Seolhyun but to celebrities in general

5. [+344, -56] Not all people leaving hate comments are just women but also fans of other groups so stop generalizing

6. [+1,393, -448] Seolhyun's really pretty

7. [+71, -15] So what if she shows off her body? Don't you people show off your good features/strengths? Why shouldn't celebrities be allowed to do that? Do they have to go around all covered up then?

8. [+41, -7] Where exactly is the skin exposure that people are talking about? You don't even know if she's wearing a bikini or not