3 January 2016

Seolhyun celebrates her birthday + her rise to fame

Mydaily - Naver: Seolhyun "There are people who hate on me... but I'm happy that I have my fans"

1. [+1,991, -309] Her agency should deal with hateful commenters first instead of constantly media playing about her

2. [+1,655, -261] It's true that she's overrated compared to the skills she has shown. This year, she should focus more on quality over quantity rather than dabbling in so many areas

3. [+2,510, -558] Don't feel too bad about the hate comments. I hope everything turns out well for you

4. [+542, -68] Ah seriously, whoever commented that Yoona, Suzy and Seolhyun look average?ㅋㅋㅋ

Sports Seoul - Naver: Seolhyun, from a uniform model to the nation's 'heart throb girl'

Article lists Seolhyun's successes throughout her rise to fame starting from winning a model competition in 2010, continuous hit tracks with AOA, her big screen debut with 'Gangnam Blues', winning a Rookie Award for 'Brave Family', a huge following on SNS and her highly talked about SK Telecom endorsement.

1. [+14,755, -541] That SK Telecom ad is the best thing she's ever done by far

2. [+8,304, -673] I'm a woman and I think she looked really pretty in her SK ad.. Looking at her photos would really motivate me to diet ㅋㅋ

3. [+6,522, -300] She got big thanks to SK

4. [+5,579, -543] Whenever I pass by an SK store, I turn around and stare at her photo

5. [+5,607, -724] I suddenly wondered who that pretty kid is when her SK Telecom ad came out and it turns out to be her. If an ahjusshi like me who's clueless about girl groups reacted that way, it must mean that she's pretty in anyone's eyes

6. [+1,236, -114] Her agency gave birth to her while it's the media that raised her

7. [+688, -73] And it's not even that long ago when she got scolded for wanting to eat chicken

8. [+1,036, -222] FNC did make it hard for us to distinguish if an article about Seolhyun counts as media play or not