1 January 2016

So Ji Sub and Shin Minah snap a selfie together

Xports News - Naver: 'Oh My Venus' So Ji Sub and Shin Minah show off their 'healing smiles' at the awards ceremony 

1. [+15,057, -234] Sorry Kim Woo Bin but these match so well

2. [+8,664, -89] It's great to see So Ganji looking much more upbeat and sexier than ever before. Keep it up~ ♥

3. [+4,780] This couple is perfection

4. [+4,271, -84] Their visuals are daebak. Such a pretty couple. My heart fluttered during So Ganji's acceptance speech ♥

5. [+4,203, -118] Naughty Joo Eun and sexy Young Ho. SoShin couple's chemistry if off the charts

6. [+1,251, -16] So Ji Sub's personality has changed, he's gotten more laid-back. He used to be really quiet and was known for being an introvert. He got more approachable ever since he let loose in 'Infinity Challenge'

7. [+1,065, 13] So Ji Sub was really cool during the awards ceremony. He did everything Jun Hyun Moo asked him to do

8. [+940, -16] So Ji Sub's the type that should still be filming a drama when awards season rolls aroundㅋㅋWhen he wraps up filming, he always grows out his hair and beard and attends ceremonies looking so disheveled

9. [+938, -25] I would really want them to date if she didn't have a boyfriend

10. [+851, -25] Was expecting them to be arm and arm but I almost fainted seeing them hold hands when they went up the stage

11. [+663, -23] Sorry Woo Bin-ssi but Shin Minah looks better with So Ji Sub than you^^