8 January 2016

Turbo performs on 'Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook'

Xports News - Naver: Turbo "Making our first comeback stage on 'Sketchbook' was hard"

1. [+1,149, -24] Thank you for performing. This is their first comeback stage but their synergy is great

2. [+864, -24] Kim Jong Kook is really cool. Turbo hwaiting~

3. [+617, -20] I'm so happy!!! I really love the song~~~^^

4. [+523, -18] God Turbo~~~~!!!!^-^

5. [+454 -9] Dancing Queen is a good song ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+196, -3] Kim Jong Kook has such a nice voice... Even better live. It's totally similar to the CD version

7. [+190, -2] Their agency back then overworked them in events and hardly paid them. Kim Jong Kook got so much hate for slacking on his dances but that's because he was frustrated.  There was so much corruption in that agency. Whenever Cha Tae Hyun appeared on broadcast, he always mentioned that Kim Joong Kook cries when he drinks.  Thankfully, Mikey was there with him during his hardships and also took good care of him as he was getting more famous. I like that Turbo's finally making music again

8. [+179, -2] Turbo suffered so much under that gangster CEO... It's a relief that they made it out alive

1. [+973, -15] Kim Jong Kook is honestly awesome

2. [+571, -13] This is the first time I've watched YHY's Sketchbook just to see Turbo's live ~~ As I fan, I couldn't help but worry but I worried for nothing!!! Jong Kook-ssi still has it !!!No matter what, Jong Kook-ssi is the coolest when he's singing^^ It's great to see them looking so happy~ Please take a listen to their songs^^ I'm happy lately because of Turbo^^

3. [+514, -12] Kim Jung Nam and Mikey must be forever thankful to Kim Jong Kook

4. [+358, -12] Jong Kook hyung has always been a star