24 February 2016

Celebrities you didn't know were the same age

Won Bin / Lee Tae Gon / Jung Jong Cheol ('77er)

Ahn Seha / Yoo Ah In (86er)
 Jimin / Cheetah (Jimin is an early 91er, Cheetah was born in May 1990 making both 25 yo)

Kim Heechul / Mithra Jin ('83er)
Kim Sae Rom / Moon Geun Young ('87er)

Choi Daniel / Yoon Shi Yoon ('87er, fun fact:  Choi Daniel played Yoon Shi Yoon's uncle in 'High Kick ')
Im Soo Hyang / Choa ('90er)

Osen - Naver: Celebrities who are the same age but have different vibes 

1. [+748, -24] The real shocker for me is GD and Adele being the same age... Yes, Adele is an '88er

2. [+476, -39] Won Bin is really good-looking woah...

3. [+381, -38] I'm surprised to know that Won Bin and Jung Jong Cheol are the same age

4. [+270, -12] I never knew Won Bin and Jung Jong Cheol are friends

5. [+51, -1] Until when will Won Bin hide himself? If you're just staying at home, would you mind lending your face to me?

6. [+37, -2] Our nation's grandma Kim Tae Won is the same age as little prince Lee Seung Hwan

7. [+53, -8] If Won Bin doesn't do a project this year, we should stop referring to him as an actor. He's nothing else but a handsome citizen