29 February 2016

'Cheese in the Trap' production team issues apology regarding recent controversies

Osen - Naver: 'Cheese in the Trap' reps "Lee Yoon Jung PD apologizes to Soonkki... Sorry for causing so much inconvenience"

1. [+3,368, -66] Can't believe they made a fool of the male lead

2. [+2,918, -82] Should've left CITT as a webtoon. This whole thing only made the webtoon writer and the viewers upset

3. [+2,056, -46] The drama's unrivalled in various ways

4. [+1,719, -48] It's too late now

5. [+1,662, -86] Are you sure your apology is sincere?????

6. [+668, -19] Why aren't you apologizing to Park Hae Jin?

7. [+620, -19] Please apologize to Park Hae Jin

8. [+685, -15] Lee Yoon Jung apparently teared up out of empathy while Seo Kang Joon was shooting his scenes. It's all making sense now

9. [+556, -23] Lee Yoon Jung PD, you've screwed up so badly. Not anyone has the confidence to delete off a male lead's scenes midway through a drama

10. [+507, -11] She should stay away from dramas

1. [+901, -16] Apologize to Park Hae Jin. You publicized him as the male lead, had him shoot his scenes only to cut his screen time down. Plus he was never notified about the vacation. This isn't the way the production team and the tv station should be handling the situation. I won't be watching any of this director's drama from now on

2. [+822, -14] Above all, Lee Yoon Jung holds the bigger chunk of the responsibility. She spoiled the drama by turning it into a Seo Kang Joon cantabile, switched the male lead and the drove the story into the mountains. Since this already caused a problem on exportation, do you think Park Hae Jin will agree on settlement? The victims here are the webtoon writer, the viewers, and Park Hae Jin...

3. [+765, -9] This drama was a masterpiece in the making but now it can sadly take its exit to the storage room. It will be remembered as the representative example of the worst drama adaptation of a webtoon. I'm putting Lee Yoon Jung on my blacklist

4. [+278, -2] The same thing happened to  'Triple', the PD made a mess with male lead Lee Jung Jae. In 'Golden Time', Lee Sun Kyun was downgraded to an extra. She seems to be more supportive of the supporting male lead more than the male lead. I hope actors avoid her at all costs if they're offered lead roles in dramas she's directing

5. [+262, -2] It's rather too late... Can't believe it was this easy to lose my affection for a drama

6. [+258, -3] An apology 5 days after the controversy broke out and on the day it's airing too.. This just gets messier by the day. Park Hae Jin who's the biggest victim of it all didn't get an apology. tvN, if this is how you handle dramas, just stick to producing variety shows