24 February 2016

Chu Sung Hoon and Sarang to leave 'Superman Returns'

Osen - Naver: Chu Sung Hoon and Sarang to leave 'Superman'... Already filmed their final episode

1. [+16,245, -287] All the principal stars of Superman's golden days are leaving

2. [+15,450, 524] I think it's safe to say that Chu Sarang saved Superman

3. [+11,805, -289] Sarang-ah, thanks for all these years ♡♡ Chu Sung Hoon-ssi and Yano Shiho-ssi, you've worked hard

4. [+9,496, -236] I won't forget the bright and adorable Sarang.. Grow up healthy~

5. [+8,502, -240] Sarang-ah, thank you for your time. Grow up beautifully

6. [+1,637, -146] The PD should be thankful to Sarang. The ratings did spike up thanks to the triplets but it's due to her that a pilot program got this far

7. [+1,447, -27] Every time a family is rumored to leave, why does the PD lie that it's not true?

8. [+1,172, -76] Sarang is legendary

9. [+1,026, -39] I don't find Sarang's segment as fun now as when she was much younger but it was thanks to her that the show raked in high ratings. Without Sarang, Superman would've been cancelled during Kim Jung Tae's political controversy