7 February 2016

Close-up photos of female celebrities' faces

 Kim Tae Hee

 Lee Young Ae

 Song Hye Kyo

 Kim Yuna





 Park Min Young

 Park Shin Hye

 Lee Min Jung

 Lee Yeon Hee

Han Ji Min

Daum Cafe: Close up of female celebrity skin 

-Lee Yeon Hee's daebak

-I'm jealous of their skin

-Wow Song Hye Kyo

-I can't spot a blemish at all...

-Suzy's skin is like silk

-I'm so jealous of Suzy and Han Ji Min's skin

-People who are born with good skin stay flawless even when they don't receive skin treatments

-Yuna's skin looks so soft

-A lot of money goes into these celebrities' skin treatments which is why they look ridiculously perfect. Anyone can have pretty skin if you invest a lot in treatments too

-Sulli's skin is also so pretty