21 February 2016

Items that foreigners buy when they visit Korea

1. Roasted seaweed

It used to be a popular item among Japanese tourists but nowadays,
it's sold widely in Asian and Western supermarkets.

2. Market O Real Brownie
Became popular in Japan after it was featured in a magazine. Japanese tourists like its
cute packaging and inexpensive price

3. 777 Nail clippers
Considered the best nail clippers in Korea. Another Korean product that foreigners buy

4.  Sulhwasoo
It's popularity spurred a flood of knockoffs. As it's expensive, it's a
popular skincare brand among well-off Chinese people

5. Sanitary pads
Girls who've been abroad have used foreign brands of sanitary pads but they say they're not as good as Korean ones. Tourists stock up on these too

6. Electric rice cooker
Korean rice cookers are sought-after items among people from Asian countries where rice is a staple food. Due to it's popularity in China, some brands added Chinese language functionality to them

7. Ramyun
Ramyun's another popular item because of the influence of dramas.
Neoguri is one of the favourites in the west

8. Face masks
Foreigners stock on these because they're relatively cheap. If you go on road shops in Seoul,
most of their face masks are sold as sets

9. Soju + makgeolli
Soju has been popular for a while but makgeolli's also a huge hit.
It's especially popular among female tourists.

10. Oreo cereal
Oreo O's used to be America's nation's cereal back in the '90s
but it was discontinued. South Korea is the only country that
currently produces and sells it.

Instiz: Items that foreigners buy when they visit Korea

-Where exactly can I buy Oreo O's? Homeplus doesn't sell them ㅠㅠ

-Akyang makgeolli is really good. And when you go to road shops, the salespeople don't even care about Korean customers anymore when there are Chinese tourists inside

-Has Korea discontinued Oreo O's too? ㅠㅠㅠ

-Market O Brownies are tasty

-Roasted seaweed is the best side dish ever

-Hm, I don't know about sanitary pads though. My foreigner friends say Korean pads are not good

-Korea doesn't sell Oreo O's lately anymore because of the e. coli contamination scare ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please bring it back ㅠㅠ

-I really wanna try Oreo O's but I can find them anywhere