4 February 2016

More uncanny resemblances

Reply's Ryu Junyeol / Cheese in the Trap's Shin Joo Hwan
Park Hee Bon / Heo Yi Jae

Oh Jung Sae / Lee Jae Won
Jo Hee Bong / Jung Do Hong

Lee Sang Hoon / Lee Se Chang
Park Bogum / Lee Hyun Woo

So Ji Sub / Yoo Seung Ho
Kang Dong Won / Joo Won / Jung Joon Young

Osen - Daum: Celebrity doppelgängers, exact doubles who don't share a drop of blood

1. [+394, -35] I often mix up Park So Dam and Kim Go Eun~

2. [+376, -42] Yook Sungjae and Seo Inguk too

3. [+259, -9] Oh Sung Jae and Lee Jae Won? I thought they were the same person until nowㅠ

4. [+93, -5] ZE:A's Dongjun and Han Ga In

5. [+88, -4] Raymon Kim - Kim Jo Han
Mir - Lee Hong Ki
Kim Jae Joong - Ji Chang Wook
Fei - Kim Ah Joong

6. [+97, -16] I don't even know if Yoo Seung Ho and So Ji Sub look alike at all.. I've been hearing how much they look alike for some time now but I don't see it

7. [+72, -5] I couldn't tell Bogummie from Lee Hyun Woo-ssi back then. But now, I can easily tell them apart. They have different charms

8. [+38, -3] Heo Yi Jae's look alike is Seo Yeong Hee

9. [+34, -3] Jung Yumi and Son Yeo Eun

10. [+32, -3] Im Won Hee and Solji