4 February 2016

[Spoilers] Gaekju, Remember, One More Happy Ending

Xports News - Naver: 'Gaekju', Villain Yoo Oh Sung dies... Friendship with Jang Hyuk is over

1. [+625, -32] Ugh. Because of the forced episode extension, feels like the writer's killing off the characters of actors who didn't extend their contract

2. [+505, -28] 2 people died todayㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wonder who'll die next week. Things are getting so twisted. Will Jung Tae Woo betray or is there a reversal?

3. [+371, -19] Seondol's birth secret and betrayal are being brought up again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The writer is running out of ideas. He's purposely keeping the shaman alive so that Gil Sogae can hand down his position to Seondol

4. [+312, -22] The drama is heading nowhere

5. [+244, -19] What's up with Seondol's betrayal? I'm gonna get cancer

6. [+41, -1] So another funeral...

7. [+39, -1] The people who titled it Master of Trade must've been thinking about funerals instead of trade (tn: funeral and trade use the same word in Korean)

8. [+38, -3] As expected from Master of Funerals ㄷㄷ

9. [+38, -4] Has this drama deteriorated into a makjang too? It's lasting longer than I thought

10. [+38, -4] I'm keeping up with it just for Jang Hyuk but I've reached my limits too. Jang Hyuk-ssi, do not work with this writer ever again

11. [+20, 0] I don't watch Gaekju but as far as I know, at least one character dies every week.


Sports Seoul - Naver: 'One More Happy Ending', Jang Nara gets swayed by Jung Kyung Ho's 

1. [+894, -28] Ah~~~~~ This is such a fun drama but I'm upset that the ratings are so low - - I'll tune in again next week ♥

2. [+650, -20] Wow... My heart fluttered so much...

3. [+650, -25] I actually like both guys. Song Soo Hyuk was cool yesterday

4. [+567, -37] I understand Song Soo Hyuk's situation too ㅠ

5. [+152, -6] My heart flutters when she's with Kwon Yool and my heart flutters when she's with Jung Kyung Ho. Jang Nara's so pretty

6. [+150, -5] Hae Joon plays hard to get though~ Mimo's a woman who loves without regret

tv Report - Naver: 'Happy Ending', Jang Nara♥Jung Kyung Ho's blossoming love

1. [+4,871, -212] Before Goo Hae Joon began dating Han Mimo, he asked Song Soo Hyukㅋㅋㅋ But he said no and what's he doing now stealing his best friend's girlfriend?

2. [+4,851, -253] Song Soo Hyuk's awesome too but Kwon Yool is honestly pitiful. He liked her for 13 years but she gets stolen by his friend. Realistically speaking, Soo Hyuk is an awful guy.

3. [+3,008, -144] Poor Kwon Yool ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+2,442, -74] What Song Soo Hyuk is doing would get him hate~ He's not even in his teens or 20s anymore but a man who's expecting to remarry and carefully dating but this happens so suddenly to himㅠ

5. [+1,485, -99] Wooo~!! Such a fun drama!

6. [+759, -34] It's like when you're cooking ramyun and you ask your friend if they want any and they say no but they want a bit when you're done cooking! Song Soo Hyuk-ah!

7. [+621, -22] I wanna smack Soo Hyuk's female reporter hoobae..


Osen - Naver: 'Remember', Namgoong Min, the master of villain roles

1. [+3,457, -39] His screen presence is crazy, his acting skills are crazy, his looks are crazy~ Such an awesome actor

2. [+2,911, -38] Namgoong Min's career is continuing to blossom!

3. [+2,665, -43] He's scary even when he's just there doing nothing.. Shivers

4. [+2,324, -41] I bet all drama villain offers will go to him

5. [+2,197, -131] I've forgotten about Jo Tae Woo a long time ago (tn: Jo Tae Woo is Yoo Ah In's villain role in movie 'Veteran')

6. [+516, -12] I got goosebumps at his acting when he said "He hung up first"

7. [+465, -15] I started the drama for Yoo Seung Ho but now I'm watching it for Namgoong Min!

8. [+434, -5] He acted so well but I doubt he'll get an award because this aired early in the year. There would be a higher chance had they decided to release 'Remember' around May. It's a big shame that amazing actors like him are forgotten when awards ceremonies roll around...

Osen - Naver: 'Remember', Park Sung Woong wrongfully accused as a murderer.. Another crisis

1. [+2,216, -45] But President Seok's not dead yet. He'll reveal the truth. When will next week come?

2. [+2,029, -43] Have Nam Gyu Man pay for his crimes and for Soo Bum to stab him in the back

3. [+2,164, -101] Mr. writer, be mindful with how many sweet potatoes you want us to choke on. I've used up all my pocket money to buy cider

4. [+1,029, -37] I hope he doesn't end up like Jin Woo's dad

5. [+745, -12] Why on earth is Jin Woo revealing his investigation process on Nam Gyu Man?..... I get so frantic when he does that

6. [+645, -10] Jin Woo always makes sure to tease Nam Gyu Man whenever an evidence turns up

7. [+448, -8] Writer-nim, what exactly is your goal?? ㅋㅋ Why is the drama now all about 'War of the Falsely Accused'?

8. [+397, -11] Obviously, Prosecutor Tak went to Ilho as a spy