24 February 2016

Why doesn't Mamamoo have antis?

Osen - Naver: Mamamoo is cool in whatever they do, why don't these unnis have antis?

1. [+2,121, -86] They're singers who are good at singing, is there a reason to hate on them?

2. [+1,505, -60] They have good singing and performance skills and their energy on stage is contagious. Cheering you on Mamamoo! Let's win #1

3. [+1,149, -55] Hit daebak with this album... Win through your music

4. [+1,093, -56] Because they're good singers and are bursting with charms.. I love Mamamoo

5. [+976, -60] Been a fan since their debut. Keep rising!!!!

6. [+207, -13] Is there a reason to hate on singers who are good at singing? They're easygoing but never pretentious. I have nothing against singers who are good at what they do

7. [+202, -20] They sing and dance well, they're respectful and energetic. It's impossible not to like them

8. [+188, -16] They're good at singing, energetic on stage, have good looks, personalities and charms ㅎㅎ They may be popular at the moment and don't have antis but trolls are unavoidable. Love you Mamamoo! Let's win #1! Fighting! They're indeed cool in whatever they do ♥

9. [+168, -11] It's not just the fact that they're amazing at singing, I like how they don't act all coy ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+170, -15] Because they're Mamamoo